This is a WORK IN PROGRESS, we are still sorting things out, and finding ways to be better.

Our Values Mean Something

Often corporate values feel detached, fake, made up. They don't effect day to day life at a company, but they're there for good PR. That's not how we do our values at Double M Digital Inc. That's not how I want to do values as a person who works here and, as the person who sets the direction of the company. The values here have been considered, mulled over, over-tough in many cases, all of them are important to me and to how my company treats this team, and the footprint we leave on the world.

Matthew Murchison ~ Founder, CEO, and Developer at Double M Digital Inc.

Double M Digital's Values


We want everyone to be able to go home and tell their family about their work, we want to share our knowledge with others, and we genuinely believe that open information and dialogue benefits everyone including ourselves. This means we avoid NDAs, gag orders, and post public documentation. If we are keeping a secret it had better be a massive spoiler in a project, or to protect someone's privacy.

Equity, Equality, and Respect

Same pay for the same job, equal access to benefits, it seems pretty darn simple and it's shocking that this is still an issue. We don't make people negotiate on salary, we don't do crunch, and we keep our corporate stats and numbers public. You shouldn't have to ask if you are paid fairly, and you shouldn't have to share your financial situation with coworkers to check.

Environmental Respect and Sustainability

We work in tech, with computers and energy and microchips galore. But we live ion this planet, we breath it's air and benefit fork it's food. So we need to offset our own harm tot he environment, and we need to actively make the environment stronger.

Business Sustainability

DMD should be around a while, our jobs should be reliable, and our budgets stable..

Our Values in Action

It is undeniably easier to propagate your values when you have resources, so a lot of our current values are felt inside the company more than they are felt by the world around us. In time that will change, but for now this is how we live by our values at DMD:

1. Public pay info, eliminating negotiations and room for baise to create pay gaps.

2. The knowledge archive is a place where others can see our documentation, post-mortems and more. This information shouldn't die when people switch jobs, or we forget it, it should be available for anyone to learn form, and we hope other do the same so that we can learn as well.