This is a WORK IN PROGRESS, we are still sorting things out, and finding ways to be better.

Our Values Mean Something

Often corporate values feel detached, fake, made up. They don't effect day to day life at a company, but they're there for good PR. That's not how we do our values at Double M Digital Inc. That's not how I want to do values as a person who works here and, as the person who sets the direction of the company. The values here have been considered, mulled over, consulted on, all of them are important to me and to how my company treats our team, and the footprint we leave on the world.

Matthew Murchison ~ Founder, CEO, and Developer at Double M Digital Inc.

Double M Digital Inc.'s Values

. . . . . . .


We borrowed this phrasing from Some More News, but it means everything to us. The necessity for better things: choices, outcomes, opportunities... this is a mandate that we shall always aim to be better. The possibility of better things removes any excuses for inaction or towing existing trends. If it is possible, then there is never a reason not to seek better solutions.

We are our actions

Intent is important, it's our ideal self. But the footprint we leave is what truly represents who we are, what we do is what we are. We aim to be better, and that should show in our interactions, and in what we create.

Don't wait for harm Before acting

Lots of issues are hard to see coming, but lots of issues are also easy to see coming. Preventable harm should always be avoided, and it should be avoided by directly dealing with the causes and not the symptoms of an issue when they become apparent. It's our responsibility to listen and act when needed, not when convenient.


Everyone should be able to go home and tell their family about their work, to share knowledge with peers and learners, and we genuinely believe that open information benefits everyone, including ourselves. Honesty is always our very best policy.

Equity, Equality, and Respect for all

Same pay for the same job, equal access to benefits. We don't make people negotiate on salary, we don't do crunch, and we keep most of our corporate stats and numbers public. You shouldn't have to ask to be paid fairly, and you should always be free to compare notes with your teammates.

Our Environment is our home

We work in tech, with computers, energy and microchips galore. But we live on this planet, we breath it's air and benefit from it's food. So we need to offset our own impact on the environment, and we need to actively make the environment better. It's not just a responsibility or ideal, it's a life or death requirement.

. . . . . . .

No one is perfect, and good intentions often go awry, but through active intent to improve ourselves and our world, and through vigilance in the process, we can make this place better for everyone we touch.

Our Values in Action

It is easier to propagate your values when you have more resources, our intentions are locked in, but our worldly impact is limited. In time that will change, but for now this is how we currently live by our values at DMD, and the policies we plan to have as soon as possible:

🗹 Open knowledge archive. When resources, guides and experience can be shared for anyone to use.

🗹 Never, ever, ever, make an NFT. We will not make NFTs.

🗹 Secrets should only be kept to enrich our products (story spoilers), and to protect personal privacy.

🗹 A fully remote workspace.

🗹 Compassionate scheduling, with tolerance for life events.

🗹 Staff own their own tool licenses, and we prioritize perpetual and open source licensing.

☐ Public pay and benefit info, eliminating negotiation baise and create pay gaps.

☐ Become carbon neutral.

☐ Improve our environment through stewardship activities.