Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Double M Digital do?

A: DMD mainly works to boost small buisensses, giving them a leg-up on their larger competion. We offer cheap hosting, custom design and beautiful websites, 360 panoramic shooting for Google Maps Virtual Tour’ and more!

We also work in other areas of design such as: Game Design, Graphic/Print Design/ and VR!

Q: Where does DMD operate? Can you help my buisness?

A: We sure can! DMD mainly operates in Ontario, Canada. Specificaly we have locations in Oakville and Clarington.

That said, we love getting to work with floks form all over the world. DMD prides its-self on being able to work effecively remotley as well as localy! If you are far far away, or nearby, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Q: You tagline says “Web. Graphic. Interactive.” what do you mean by those?

A: “Web. Graphic. Interactive.” Are our three core areas of expertise. When Matt founded DMD he had experence in Grpahic and Web design from the Municpality of Clarington. There was a clear need for Web design with small business, may of whom recieved sub-par service for an over-inflated price, Web became the core focus, while also offering Graphic Design to those that need it.

Interactive is an outlook, as DMD grows and time goes on Interctive Media (Thougn websites are technicaly interactive media already.) like games, Virtual Reallity, and Augmented Reallity will become much more prominet. DMD wants to be at the forefront of these media to bring compeling entertainment and usefull experiences to audiences and subjects that occasioanly slip form the public awarness.

Q: I have a business website, but I can never get it to rank highly on Google. What should I do?

A: Google can be trick witht their rankings, and they are very hard to contact directly. I recomend having your webmast check that they have submited all possible resources to the Google Search Console. Secondly make sure you have a Google+ acount for you buisness, it might not be your first choice of social network, but it will halp boost you site listing. You cna tie a fre Google MyBuisness listing to your Google+ profile, this will dramaticlay boost your listing, epecialy when all the feilds are filled out! THe added benift is that you now appere on Google Maps, and in the Google search sidebar with a spcial card for your buisness!

DMD is trained in all of these techniques if you need a hand. If you have a physical location we can even come in and shoot a Virtual Tour to enhance your MyBuisness listing!

Q: All I need is a poster to dispaly localy, can Double M Digital do this for me?

A: Of course! We make posters, business cards, and panflets all the time!

Q: How do I know that I can trust you and your workers?

A: I enforce a very strict ethical standard with all Double M Digtial work. You always own your designs, DMD is simply here to boost your business, and we do our best to keep your information, designs, and anything else we handel safe and well designed!

Q: I heard that DMD is run by Candian Students, is that true?

A: It was! The students graduated, so now it all about being locally connected, Canadian run. Though that doesn't mean we will ever stop trying to learn new things!

DMD started when I was a high school student looking for a job. These days it can be very hard, so what better way than by making a job for myself! By becoming self-employed DMD was born. Now I look for ways to help other talented students from around Ontario get some experience, cash, and build their resume!

Q: You talk about Google Street view tours a lot, what are they?

A: DMD is a Google Trusted Photographer, that means we can take panoramic photos of your business and add them to google maps so that people online can get a feel for your buisness on the go, or before they even leave home!

This can help you get a lot more exposure, as a tour slightly boosts your search ratings. It can also get potential customers invested in visiting your store. Virtual Tours experience a lot of online attention, which translates into boosted visitors and sales!

Want to learn more? Have any questions?

Feel free to reach out anytime! You can get in touch right over here.