The the aftermath of the great freeze, track down a mysterious signal as you and your group struggle to survive.

Signals is a single player survival RPG where you take control of survivors in a frozen wastlenad. As you journey you collect more survivors and explore new places as you track a mysterious signal form cell tower to cell tower. What does the signal mean? Who can be trusted? And will yoube able to make it to the final signal?

Signals focuses on exploration, and social dynamics. The frozen world means evryone has a need, a price for their cooperation. With some smart talking you can get through most encounter harm free, maximizing your chances of getting to the next signal alive.

Rediscover the old world as you go, ipdating your outdate pre-freeze maps with places important to you, and the new places that have been forged from the ice and snow by survivors.

Signals release date is still to be announced, though we will have occasional updates over 2021-2022. For now checkout our first game Chicken Nuggets for a fun and adorable puzzle experience!