What We Use


We prioritize tools that are open source or that we can own. Our team members deserve to have the means to do their work no matter what happens, so ownership and licensing is a huge consideration. If a tool is subscription based then we actively avoid them, there are some exceptions, but even then we pursue perpetual licenses.


Open source 3D content creation for everyone.

Unity 3D

Free game engine so anyone can be a developer.


Paid PBR texturing tool.


CC0 Photography for everyone.

Poly Haven

AAA assets free for any content creators.

Mesh Room

Open source photogrammetry.


The cloud is a lifesaver, we use git to keep our projects simonized and to send working files. We also use Cloud file systems like Google Drive and WeTransfer to send and store non-game files like concept art.

Google Drive

A robust file and version control system that is free up to 15GB.


Store projects for team online.


our CEOs favourite task organization tool. Lets you mange tasks like stickily notes.


We use a laid back form of the agile workflow, and a Kanban board system. For our games we use a PBR workflow (like everyone does these days) with a focus on novice friendly tools like Untiy's Shadergraph.