Stargate RPG

Battlemaps for the Stargate RPG by Wyvern Gaming

Our BIGGEST Project!

This project was INSANE, in the absolut best ways possible. When the team at Wyvern selected Matt and DMD for this project we where over the moon, and well over Jack's non existent lunar base!

This project truly was the biggest challenge on every level, to complete the battle maps required:

  • 150+ GB of storage

  • 2 KM of physical Maps

  • 50 Hours of FLIP Fluid simulations

  • Millions of trees

  • Billions of polygons

  • Entirely new real time rendering and shadowing workflow

  • Hundreds of reusable props

  • LIDAR Scanning

  • Simulated tree growth

  • OpenVDB FX

  • And so, so, so much more!

It was truly an honour to have work incorporated into Stargate, having that work reviewd, approved, and licensed by MGM as Canon still barley computes. Please enjoy the playing on the maps from Wyvern, I hope some of these images and info will help you bring your SGRPG campaigns to life!


Hyper Detailed Environments

One thing that was immediate a priority was top-down realism. Our freinds at Wyvern where really clear about using real world dimensions, organic lighting, and not letting the grid control our assets. This organic, living feel was driven by small touches: A plate beside a turned chair, partially eaten pizzas, snapped training staves in the Jaffa district. Everything you see in these maps was hand modelled in 3D by Matthew Murchison.

For even more authentic details, LIDAR scans of actualll cakes, pizzas and other food where used to bring the environments to life with unique highly detailed flavour.

Hollywood Quality Simulations

DMD leaned into several inovative toolsets to bring the large open landscapes of Haven to life. From a rushing waterfall and river to millions of trees in the surrounding country side simulations brought a level of creative automation that made the shear quantity and scale of these maps possible.

FLIP Fluid simulations where used to create the water features in the town of haven. FLIP is a unique algorithm that gives amazing surface and volume results quickly and accurately. FLIP Simulations created the rushing foam and splashing waves that you can see in the Battlemaps.

Grove 3D is an amazing tree generator that allowed for trees to be grown in a variety of species with artistic control. By carefully growing a handful of realistic and reusable trees, an entire forest can be generated to populate the Haven hills.

Embergen's OpenVDB simulations drove a lot of the practical lighting effects throughout the town of haven. Emergen fire was used for torches, furnaces, and campfires. These helped introduce realistic high fidelity details and save days of R&D on internal simulation tools.

Bringing Lore to Life

Stargate is about culture, the rich cultures here on earth and the new cultures through the gate. Wyvern's team has created some fantastic cultural details to flesh out some of our favourite factions. Incorporating this lore in believable ways drove a lot of the planning and layout in the Battlemaps.

The Jaffa sport field was a prime example, adding depth to the Jaffa culture, and a massive centerpeice for Jaffa social life. In the Jaffa district there are many scatered elements, but the sport field directs, and ties, everything together in a believable way.

The Unas also benefited form some great new lore and development form the Wyvern team. Their fishing shops and hunting clubs tie into the wilderness and environment around the town. There are fishing spots along the river, and massive forests and caves where creatures can be hunted and trapped.

Rich Environments

We came to this poject as experience game environment artist, so the world building work was a natural fit. Years of experience int he brutally efficient world of game design meant we had all the tools required to make insley detailed rooms faster than anyone would rightfully expect. Scenes like the Phoenix mess hall posed a huge challenge. Make a room full of tables seem lived in, alive, but also respectable as a military facility. Each tabel was staged with a mini narrative, a technique that enable rapiid iteration and refinement of relatively minor details.

For example: A made up SG team sits down for lunch. This means 4 places with cutlery and turned chairs. One wasn't hungry, so 3 plates, but they did steal some blue jello, so a stray fork. The team lead is organized, all cutlery, cups and dishes on a tray. Sonmeone else is NOT organzied, the try pushed out and everythign on the table.

This silyl, nonsensical technique can boost set dressign time by as nmuch a 3x, brining life to a drabe environment really rapidly.

A Foundation for your Adventure

We approached these Battlemaps as if we where players, which as early backer on Kickstarter, we absolutely would be. Each space is crafted to be easy to navigate, and easy to understand from a top down perspective, while still offering intricacies and embeded narrative elements to fuel your imagination as you set out on your missions.

Inspired by Classic SG-1

All of our art on these Battlemaps traces abck to SG-1, with most assets tracing their design back to one obscure prop or another. When there where new ideas at play the SG RPG concept art came through with flying colours. Areas like the Jaffa high council, or the thatched cave huts of the Unas could not be nearly as well developed without the beautiful concept art in the rule books.

A Functional World

The world of Staragte has a grounded realism, and it was importnat to carry that through to Haven and the Phoenix Base facility. This means fully fleshed out washrooms, industrial laundry facilites, mess halls and localized attractions to keep resident socially active.

Some of the realist elements added tot he mas include:

  • Print shop

  • Community Theater

  • Mess Halls

  • Culturally relevant food venues

  • Data Crystal Library

  • Transport Rings

  • Astronomical Observatory

Immersion Through Design

At DMD we always try to find ways to add extra value above and beyond our initial commitments. Combined with our intimate knowledge of Stargate, we brought our A game in developing extra elements of the Phoenix site.

To the North there are two roads, the road most travelled leads to a USAF weather station based on the off world settlements shown throughout SG-1. We brought in the same style as shown in an early SG RPG trailer as a nod to the fantastic work done there.

The other road leads up a deserted old trail, over the waterfall and to an abandoned gate pedestal. The Phoenix gatre once stood here, and we can imagine the beautiful view the first SG teams would ahve had as they arrived to scout a location for this secret base.

The rules for the SG RPG incude info for chopers and F-302s that dint fit in the base, not wantign to leave out these fantastic gameplay elements we incorporated a airfeild and partially subterranean F-302 bunkers to give players a grounded place to base their air missions out of.

if there was ever a project where we didint want to miss any potential detail, this was it. DMD CEO Matthew Murhcison has loved Stargate since elementary school, and our growing staff of contractors and partners all have a personal history with the franchise. Even through the company was only Matt when we worked on the SGRPG we will carry that passion and love for Stargate and for worldbuilding forward.

We truly hope that you can play your way through the Phoenix base, and the Town of Haven.

These maps are a work of love for an amazing world we got to grow up with, and I am so thankful to Wyvern for allowing me and my company to be involved in a official capacity.

Tek Ma Tek - Matthew Murchison, CEO @ Double M Digital Inc.