The DMD team

Double M Digital calls on a  small team of highly awarded and very skilled designers, animators, modellers, and writers for many of our projects. Here are some of the current members:

Matthew Murchison

Founder, Lead Designer

Matthew founded Double M Digital in 2015 as part of the Summer Company program.

From Unity Connect’s ‘The Sauce’: 3D artist by day, game creator by night, Matt has won awards in game design and animation for the fun, new experiences he has brought to life.

Joshua Bresler

Writer, Designer

Josh is an extent writer and game designer. His skills even overlap into 2D and 3D art!

Josh has many achievements to his name, including awards from Sheridan College for Game Design, and a book in the works. He has begun consulting with DMD on some of our interactive projects, helping to bring a cohesive narrative and meaningful mechanics to our VR projects.