Digital Worlds, Interactive Adventures

Digital Worlds

Form immersive VR experiences, interactive games and beautiful architectural and product renders, Double M Digital has the skill and attention to detail to deliver spectacular results.

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On Top Of The World is a travel blog theme with modern looks and easy navigation.The Calrington Blooms website was designed to be accessible and appealingThe web page for Evolution Support Services was hand tailored for easy readability and navigation at any age.Button Cuff Links used a unique style to speak to their brand ambitions.

Web Design

Double M digital's roots are in online marketing, specifically web design. The goal was to give small businesses AAA sites to compete in the modern market. Double M Digital is still providing web design services to our original customers to this day!

Graphic Design

Graphic design and composition is the basis for all good marketing, at Double M Digital we have a history of providing strong, eye-catching designs.

A design used for a holiday gift card campaign with the Cobourg Health Shoppe.The logo design of the Orono Skeet and Polo ClubA summer health campaign for the Cobourg Health ShoppeThe logo design for the Gaming Analyses and Discussion ClubA Cobourg health shop add campaign.