The Team

Double M Digital is all about creating the best art that we can, or team is built on creative integrity, trust, and cooperation. The team, Maddi and Matt, have been working together for years. First meeting at ‘Skills Ontario’ a competition for 3D animators, they worked together numerous times throughout college and eventually teamed up on real time and pre recorded virtual productions projects for several clients. In 2020 they joined forces again to create Chicken Nuggets, the first game from Double M Digital Inc.

Game Producer

Matthew Murchison

Matt founded Double M Digital in 2016, later incorporating as a game studio in 2020. He has spent years working with clients around the world as a 3D and Technical artist. Matt now runs the business side of DMD as CEO and as Producer on Chicken Nuggets. Day to day Matt works on everything from 3D modeling environment, to developing new tech pipelines that maximize our creative output.

Creative Director

Maddi McDougall

Maddi has an extensive history in game development. She previously shipped several games at Stitch Media as a 3D Artist where she worked on everything from animation to shader development.
Maddi has remarkable creative integrity, as demonstrated in the worlds shown in her comics.
Her commitment to consistent quality and her technical knowledge make her a perfect fit for Creative Director at DMD, especially on our upcoming Game Chicken Nuggets.