Happy holidays from the Chicken Nuggets team

Happy Holidays friend,Nibbles the Nugget is here (scroll down for the card!) to add a tad more cuteness to the end of our year.
The Nuggets are pretty excited, but we humans at Double M Digital also wanted to thank you. Your support wishlisting Chicken Nuggets on Steamsharing Chicken Nuggets with your friends and family, and being here on this newsletter really mean a lot to us. 
DMD is a new, super small, local business, and we would be nothing without your support. We have big dreams for the new year. By being here with us and by sharing Chicken Nuggets you are making these dreams possible.
No matter where you are, when, or how you celebrate, we hope you have a great holiday season. On behalf of everyone who’s been a part of Chicken Nuggets on our end, thank you so much.
Sincerely,Matthew Murchison ~ CEO & Developer



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